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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the Inwood Soccer Center team fee?
    $619 per season for adult leagues, referee fees not included. $14 cash to each referee, $9 if only one referee. $699 per season for youth teams (7v7) and $375 for teams (4v4). Referee fees included.

  2. How much is the deposit?
    $200 for adult teams and youth 7v7. $100 for youth teams 4v4. 

  3. How do I register a team?
    A registration form can be found at and the form can be emailed to CLOAKING . It can also be faxed to 972-960-0138.

  4. When is the remaining balance due?
    The remaining balance is due at the first game unless you have contacted Inwood for a pre-approved payment plan. The payment plan requires a minimum payment prior to games 1 and 2. The full fee must be paid in full prior to playing game 3.

  5. Are there any fees other than the team fee?
    Every player is required to have a North Texas Soccer indoor ID card. If you are 17 and playing in an Adult league you have to go to the North Texas office to get an indoor card. Adult ID cards are $25. Youth ID cards are $18.

  6. When can I purchase an ID card at Inwood?
    Mon-Fri, 5:00 pm-close. Sat-Sun, only prior to scheduled games.

  7. How many games per season? 8 games per season

  8. When is the team roster due?
    The original roster is due at the 1st game. Changes can be made until the 3rd game.

  9. How many players can be on a team?
    The roster allows 18 players per team for adult and youth 7v7. The roster allows for 8 players per team for youth 4v4.

  10. How long are the games?
    Each game consists of two, 20 minute halves.

  11. What time are the games played?
    Adult games are 6:00 pm to 11:15 pm. Youth games are typically played on Sat and Sun from 7:30 am - 7:30 pm. We will use weeknight slots when necessary.

  12. What type of equipment is required to play indoor soccer?
    All players must wear indoor shoes and/or tennis shoes. Cleats are NOT allowed. All players must wear shin guards and socks that cover the shin guards. Uniforms must be the same color. Each team is required to have an alternate colored jersey in case of conflicts. VISITORS must change when there is a jersey color conflict.

  13. Do you provide uniforms and/or numbers?
    We do not provide any uniforms or numbers.